15 of the Best Eats and Drinks to Enjoy at the Beach


  1. Cold fruit-infused water
  2. Fresh fruit juices or smoothies like banana, mango, or watermelon
  3. Young coconut water straight from the shell
  4. Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, ripe mangoes, watermelon, and more that you can bring with you or buy from a nearby food store or market
  5. Pre-sliced vegetables like carrots and cucumbers
  6. DIY healthy wraps or rolls
  7. Grilled meat (beef, chicken, fish, or pork) with veggie skewers
  8. Hummus and crackers
  9. Seafood dishes made from the freshest catch of the day
  10. Ice pops or frozen chocolate-covered fruits like bananas or strawberries
  11. Fruity Jello shots
  12. Ice cold beer, local non-alcoholic beverages, or the must-have cocktails in the area
  13. Bonfire treats like roasted marshmallows, grilled fish, chips and dips among others
  14. Pasta and salad
  15. Lots of water to keep you hydrated