Not everything works the way you want it to. And at some point, you have to deal with mistakes, failures, and heartaches that could bring about a lot of negativity in your life. How quickly you bounce back from life’s proverbial falls determines how fast you can get back on track and keep moving forward. If you are looking for ideas, here are just some of the many ways to get back up and move on.

Give yourself a break. Take the time to acknowledge and feel whatever emotions you may have about the experience. Pain and grief are natural and often a part of dealing with unpleasant things that happen in life. Allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions that come with it.

Socialize. It is understandable to spend time alone to deal with whatever issues you have. But isolating yourself from your loved ones and the people you usually have around you can aggravate the sadness and other intense emotions you feel. Continue pursuing your daily activities even if you do not feel like being around people. Hit the gym, have lunch with co-workers, or hang-out with friends after work.

Do something fun. Do the things you may have neglected for some time. Go back to an old hobby or take up a new one. Plan a solo cruise travel and visit the amazing places you have always wanted to see. Read good books, do puzzles, start a garden, enjoy an outdoor activity with your loved ones, and more. Spend time pursuing the things that interest you.